Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 6, Thing #13 Tagging and

I found this site very similar to others we have examined, including RSS Feeds and Rollyo. Another way to categorize favorites and websites. I personally searched out online shopping by putting in key words like Macy's and Sports Authority. I was amazed how I was directed right to the direct websites for these stores. I can most certainly see this as a tool for research assistance. Just as I searched out certain stores. Patrons can use it to search out topics of research interest.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 5, Thing #12, Roll Your Own Search Tool

The only thing I found frustrating about this task was waiting for the search roll to come up. The site can be extremely slow. I do see how a search tool like this can be used by a teacher to cover a particular unit of study. As a science teacher, I created a search roll on various websites used to study the human body sytems. t would be a great reinforcement tool for students during that particular unit of study.

Week 5, Thing #11, Web 2.0 Award Winners

From the Web 2.0 Award Winners List, I selected from the category on Books, namely This site is primarily used to find used, rare, & out-of-print books. I would think that a college student could particulary use this site to save money on textbooks. I see myselk using this site to possibly set up a display in my library on "Books of the Past."

I created a social network called "ReadforfFun." I plan to use this for my book club. Just a place for kids to discuss books that would be of interest to young adults, as well as discuss whatever book is being read that month.

Week 5, Thing #10 Image Generators

BigHugeLabs: Do fun stuff with your photos

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What a very creative site! I used a couple of my photos to create dice as well as pop art poster. As a classroom teacher, I could generate an image for my class website ( When I become a media specialist, I can generate an image for the library's website. The whole point would be to use the image to entice or draw an audience.